Emergency Medical Service


Ensure safe and swift transportation to hospitals and healthcare facilities, guaranteeing patients receive critical care in Port Elizabeth.

Advanced Life Support

Our skilled paramedics deliver advanced life support interventions, including administering medications, managing cardiac emergencies, and providing airway support.

Basic Life Support

Count on us for basic life support procedures, including CPR, wound management, and fracture stabilization but to name a few.

Event Medical Services

We provide on-site medical support for events, prioritizing the safety and well-being of all attending participants, young and old.

Highly Trained Professionals

State of the Art Equipment & Technology

Prompt Response and Availability

Commitment to Excellence

What We’re Offering

Our Services

Bester EMS is a Licensed and Accredited privately owned emergency service provider registered with all Medical Aids in South Africa, the Road Accident Fund, and IOD (Injury on Duty). Your safety is our priority.

Rapid Response to Medical Emergencies

When every moment counts, rely on Bester EMS for a rapid and professional response to medical emergencies. Reach out to our team at 087 711 0001 for immediate assistance.


Reliable Hospital Transportation

When every second counts, trust our dedicated hospital transportation services to ensure safe and timely transit for patients, medical staff, and essential supplies.


IOD (Injury on Duty) Assistance

At Bester EMS, we understand the critical nature of Injury on Duty (IOD) situations. Our comprehensive services are tailored to support individuals and organizations dealing with work-related injuries.

Your safety is our priority.

Trusted Ambulance Service in Port Elizabeth

When seconds count, trust Bester EMS, for professional and reliable ambulance service in Port Elizabeth. Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and unwavering commitment to saving lives make us your trusted partner in times of need in Port Elizabeth.


Bester EMS, the innovative smartphone application dedicated to life-saving measures, promptly notifies users of emergencies with in Port Elizabeth & Surrounds, facilitating timely requests for assistance in proximity to the emergency location. Download our app today for instant access to top-notch care.

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Support / Queries: 083 207 1944


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