When seconds count, trust Bester EMS, the professional and reliable ambulance service in Port Elizabeth.

What We’re Offering

Our Services

Bester EMS is a Licensed and Accredited privately owned emergency service provider registered with all Medical Aids in South Africa, the Road Accident Fund, and IOD (Injury on Duty). Your safety is our priority.

Rapid Response to Medical Emergencies

In medical emergencies, time is of the essence. Rapid response significantly improves outcomes, minimizes risks, and enhances the chances of a successful recovery. Our dedication to prompt action ensures that critical situations are met with the urgency they require.

Reliable Hospital Transportation

For reliable, safe, and efficient hospital transportation services, contact us today at 087 7111 0001.
Why Choose Us?

IOD (Injury on Duty) Assistance

At Bester EMS, we grasp the utmost importance of providing Injury on Duty (IOD) Assistance. Our specialized array of services is meticulously crafted to aid both individuals and organizations navigating work-related injuries.

Corporate, Sport & Leisure Event Medical Support

“Keep Your Event Safe & Sound: Our Expert Medical Support!
From corporate gatherings to sports tournaments and leisure events, ensuring safety is our top priority. We offer on-site medical assistance, rapid response, and a reassuring presence. Enjoy your event worry-free,

Chemo & Dialysis Transportation

For safe and reliable transportation services for Chemo & Dialysis treatments, reach out to us on 087 7111 0001. Let us alleviate the stress of transportation, ensuring a comfortable and supportive journey for those undergoing essential medical treatments.

Motor Vehicle Accident Response

For prompt and professional Motor Vehicle Accident Response services, call 087 711 0001. Let us provide immediate assistance and support during critical moments following an accident.

Acceptance of All Medical Aids & Hospitals

We accept and work with all medical aids and hospitals, ensuring accessibility and convenience for our patients. Our commitment to inclusivity allows individuals to access our high-quality Emegency Medical Services

Affordable Private Rates

At Bester EMS we prioritise accessibility and affordability in providing top-tier Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Our commitment to affordable private rates ensures that individuals can access high-quality medical care without compromising on financial constraints.
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